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July 25th at Lakeshore Rec Department


It's Time to Arise Together as a Community!

Join Us for Fundraising and Fun!

After months of being quarantined, Carrollton is facing challenges greater than any we've known recently. One of those challenges is the need of food for children, the elderly, jobless and homeless populations that exist in and around our city. The need was real before COVID-19, now it is overwhelming and

we need your help!

Every year, Heaven in Your Home Catering provides all of the food for the ARISE event in order to bring our community together, in one place, for one mission: raising the funds needed to combat the food shortage in Carrollton. Every day, LaToya and her volunteers deliver home-cooked meals to the local extended stay areas because these are the places where children who can't register for school (read: "can't get a school lunch or breakfast") call home. The elderly with no family to help provide for them call these places home too. Many people who have lost their jobs due to COVID-19 now have temporary or no housing as well, which means little to no food. While the government is stepping up, it's not enough. We invite you to stand with us, as one community, to help us raise funds to feed our hungry, provide a much needed meal and enjoy the company of our friends and neighbors while we accomplish something amazing!  

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LIVE Indoor Music by DJ Lachii

BBQ Cook Off Sample Tasting Bracelets: $10 at the Event



8:00 am

For $1 per lap or a donation, walk with us to raise funds for meals for our neighbors. Invite friends and family too!



12:00 pm

Sgt. Walker, U.S. Army will host the tournament w/ college rules and refs. Cash prize for 1st place! $40 p/Team.

Annual BBQ

Cook Off

12:00 pm

Bring your ribs, use our grills or bring your own for a chance to win 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes. Email for more info! 

Sponsorship & Volunteering

Giving takes on many forms. If you're interested in sponsoring an event or volunteering, contact us below. We need you!

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The Heart of

One Body, Many Members

As the owner of Heaven in Your Home catering, LaToya Gamble has always had a heart for feeding people's souls with a word from God and feeding their stomachs with amazing food. For the last four years, LaToya and a few volunteers have been providing food and other services to children, elderly, jobless and homeless families living in extended stay areas. The COVID-19 situation has severely increased the need here in Carrollton.


Every year, LaToya and volunteers from area churches and businesses have come together to serve full-on banquets - turkey, dressing and all the fixin's - at several extended stay locations on Thanksgiving Day. She also organizes an annual One Body fellowship event for churches of all faiths to come together for food, preaching and entertainment. In 2019, fifty children received Christmas gifts. Nearly every cent garnered from Heaven in Your Home catering goes right back into supplies to feed those in need in Carrollton. 


One Body, Many Members is a 501(c)(3) non-profit; and as such, allows LaToya to collect much needed funds to purchase food and other supplies for those that need them. 1 Corinthians 12:12 tells us, that though we are many members, we are all part of the same body of Christ. We are all commanded to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. LaToya's heart is that our entire community - churches, businesses, friends, families and others - can unite for a common cause to take care of each other. Her heart's desire is to truly see the love of Jesus Christ change lives and to see Him move miraculously!

One Body, Many Members Mission

Thanksgiving Day Banquet

Contact Us:

LaToya Gamble

Phone:  770-769-6181

Email:  heaveninyourhomecatering@gmail.com

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